From MEGA to NANO.

“The Magic is in the details” as Theodor Fontane wrote in 1893. When producing membranes for mega projects like stadiums or shopping malls, it is vital for even the tiniest details to be built to the highest quality standards.

In order to guarantee optimal quality we took Mr. Fontane’s saying to heart and enhanced the nanostructure of our lacquering, the tiniest detail of our membranes.

In difference to the phrase, however the self-cleaning structure has a little to do with magic: it’s science, long hours of research and we’ve called it “METHATOPⓇ”

Non PVDF lacquered surface & MEHATOPⓇ N lacquered surface

We adopted the principle of METHATOPⓇ N lacquering from natural role models. Many plants use their evolutionary, unique surface characteristics to protect their structure from environmental forces like fungi or algae growth.

The surface of METHATOPⓇ N treated membrane is designed in a similar way. A special nanostructure minimizes surface energy. The unique outcome of low surface energy is a significant reduction in the adhesive power of the surface when it comes to other molecules with higher surface energy such as water, dirt or dust.

The low adhesive power towards disperse and polar liquid molecules is the best demonstration of this effect. Materials with low surface energy do not attract a drop of liquid as strongly as material with high surface energy.

Therefore the droplet form is more stable. This effect is called hydrophobia, and it is measured using the droplet angle test.

A higher droplet angle indicates stronger hydrophobic capacity which results in better self-cleaning capacity of the surface.

To sum it up concisely:

“Low Surface Energy = Big Droplet Angle = Low Adhesion Power = METHATOPⓇ N lacquered surface =”

VALMEX's Detials

• Conserve the appearance of your design
• Dirt and dust repellent
• Pollutant resistant

VALMEX's Detials

• Hydrophobic (pearl effect)
• High self-cleaning quality
• Saves on maintenance costs
• Enhanced color stability

VALMEX's Detials

• Low friction capabilities
• Insulating characteristics
• 20 years warranty

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